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Open Thread: Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers (Preseason), 2nd Half

The San Diego Chargers trail the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 7-3 after a single half of preseason football.

Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sports

Holy crap, I can't believe there is another half of football after that. That was torturous.

Here's your quick recap:

  • Philip Rivers looked....over. He didn't throw any bad interceptions, but he didn't look like he had mastered the offense just yet. Most of his completions were to check-down guys after the coverage had broken down.
  • Ryan Mathews looked very good. He looked decisive and powerful.
  • Keenan Allen has looked very good and will probably get some more looks in the second half.
  • The first-string offense played for one series. The first-string defense played for two series.
  • The Cornerbacks looked okay. Dwight Freeney looked fantastic, which helped the Cornerbacks look okay.
  • Donald Butler is still really, really good.
  • Dan DePalma is San Diego's favorite (whte) Wide Receiver this season. Predictably.
  • Fozzy Whittaker will probably make the team and has looked okay behind a really poor second-string offensive line.
  • John Phillips hands are not as bad as I thought.
That's it! Let's start chatting about the second half, when it'll be mostly third-string players for both teams.