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Open Thread: Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers, 1st Half (Preseason)

Chat with other fans of the San Diego Chargers while getting your first look at Mike McCoy's version of the team, when they take on the Seattle Seahawks in preseason week 1.

Donald Miralle

Real, honest-to-God, professional football is here. Even if the game is completely meaningless, we get to watch Philip Rivers and Ryan Mathews and everyone else on the team and spend the next week analyzing and re-watching this game. FINALLY.

I'll be in this open thread and also doing a bit of tweeting during this game. Still trying to find the best way to entertain both audiences during the game. I don't think I'll be doing a post-game "Gennaro-ly Speaking", but maybe we'll start up that trend next week. Maybe this week if something huge happens like Rivers runs into the stands and punches a lowly commenter in the mouth.

The game starts at 7pm(ish), the weather seems perfect (predictably) and most of the big names are healthy and ready to go. Let's see what these new coaches and players have got.

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