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Greg Cosell talks San Diego Chargers with Darren Smith

Darren Smith had Greg Cosell from NFL Films on his radio show to discuss what fans can expect from the 2013 San Diego Chargers.

Kent Horner

Greg Cosell from NFL Films visited the Darren Smith Show (mp3) earlier today to talk about the San Diego Chargers. I love Cosell because he values nobody else's opinion and bases everything he says off of what he's seen with his own eyes, watching hours upon hours of game film.

Here are my notes from the interview:

  • "King Dunlap is not a starting Left Tackle in a National Football League." Well, that's certainly definitive.
  • Darren asks if Dunlap could be a starter anywhere. "I don't think so. He could be a backup Right Tackle, maybe."
  • THANK YOU GREG COSELL! "A lot of people think that because Drew Brees and Peyton Manning don't get sacked often that these are great o-lines. They're not. The concepts and a play of the Quarterback compensate and camouflage the weaknesses." Been saying this forever.
  • Basically saying what I told Craig Elsten a few weeks ago: The Offensive Line doesn't matter as much because of McCoy's/Whisenhunt's passing offense style.
  • Philip Rivers started to anticipate pressure when it wasn't there in 2012 because the offensive line was so bad. He was worst about is in third and long situations. That makes sense, but it's a new wrinkle we hadn't heard before.
  • Greg thinks that Dwight Freeney's body type is best suited for the three-point stance, and that he's not as effective standing up as a 3-4 OLB.
  • Cosell is a big fan of Steve Williams. Loves everything about him, but wants to see how he plays NFL receivers at his (small) size. "I'm wary of shorter Corners."
  • "Tourek Williams is an intriguing player to me. I watched his college tape and thought he had a place in the NFL even though he's not a dynamic pass rusher."
  • Cosell might be the first expert I've heard that likes Derek Cox. Says that, when healthy, he's very good as press-man coverage.
  • "On a personal note, I was so sad to hear about Danario Alexander." You and everyone else, Greg.
  • It sounds as though Cosell, like the rest of us, doesn't know what to expect from the Chargers coaching. He does, however, seem fairly upbeat about the team.

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