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San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers takes on internet commenters

ESPN Magazine thought that it would be a good idea to have San Diego Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers answer questions from internet commenters. It went predictably.


Well, this probably isn't going to go over well. ESPN Magazine got Philip Rivers to respond to internet commenters. Here are some "highlights":

He's a crybaby on the field and is always yelling after he throws picks.
-- From comments

Rivers: I play with the same energy, passion and fire that I played with as a 10-year-old in north Alabama, and I'll continue to play that way. I think sometimes that's misrepresented. There's nothing I say out there that I can't say to my mom, wife or daughters. It's all clean.

Okay, that one is fine. Good on ESPN for letting him respond to that criticism, I suppose. I really hope they don't ask him about Norv, though.

A good coach would make all the difference with him. True fans see that Rivers lost respect for Norv Turner, but Rivers is a quality guy and will not talk bad about his coach.
-- From comments

Yeah, that couldn't be further from the truth. Norv was great all of our years together. We lost games for a lot more reasons than his coaching. We'll have a great relationship forever. I owe him thanks and credit for the player I've become.

That's.....passable. Probably not a question he should be answering, but at least he didn't actually use the phrase "You're an idiot" in response to it.

Also, here's where I make the point that bloggers should be considered a normal part of the sports media if the rest of the sports media is just feeding Philip questions from their commenters. Wait, I'm getting off topic. We haven't had any personal shots at El Capitan yet! Surely, if we're dealing with commenters, there's one of those...right?

Six kids? Regardless of your profession, it's impossible to be a good parent to six kids. Not enough hours in the day.
-- From comments

It's a two-year rotation: Once the diapers come off of one, we usually have a newborn. And we have another one on the way, due in October. I help when I can, but my wife, Tiffany, is the key. My big, growing family keeps everything balanced and grounded. My oldest is 11 now, and the kids are getting into football. They're Daddy's biggest fans, and they don't get on you as bad as most fans. If you throw an interception, they still love you.

There it is. I knew it was coming. Philip answered it as best he can. Still, kind of a shame he had to face that question/criticism at all, if you ask me.

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