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Be a part of tonight's Chargers-Seahawks open thread

Chat along with other San Diego Chargers fans during tonight's preseason game between the Chargers and Seahawks by being a part of Bolts from the Blue's open thread.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Do you know what an open thread is? Well, here at BFTB, it's when we create a post specifically for you to use our comments section as a "chat room" of sorts during Chargers games.

For the long-time BFTB readers and commenters, this is old news. For the newbies, it's hard to describe just how much fun these open threads can be (when the Chargers are winning and/or during preseason games in which nobody gets seriously injured).

If your plans for watching tonight's Chargers-Seahawks game involved you staying in, grab your computer and point it at around the start of the game at 7pm PDT. If you were planning on going out, do the same thing with your smartphone and send us your reactions/analysis of the game while it's happening.

Game coverage usually consists of three posts:

  • First half open thread
  • First half recap and second half open thread
  • Game recap and post game open thread

If there's more than those three, it's because some major news story happened during the game or there was a play so awesome that we had to GIF it and post it to the site. I'll try to make everyone aware of when those happen, but it's probably a good idea to check twitter or the BFTB home page every so often.

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