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Injury Report: Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers (preseason)

Which three very important players will be missing from the field tonight for the San Diego Chargers when they take on the Seattle Seahawks?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

I'm pretty sure they don't do official injury reports for preseason games, which will make this a little bit more complicated. Let's give it a shot anyway (focusing just on the Chargers), with an assist from Michael Gehlken.

Marcus Gilchrist

If Gilchrist ends up missing more than one preseason game, I'll seriously start worrying about his chances to start at Strong Safety. Darrell Stuckey starting in his place probably means that Brandon Taylor won't play, but no official word on that yet.

Danny Woodhead

That sucks. This offense is going to be way different with Woodhead than without, which means him missing this preseason game hurts the "game reps" for the offense as much as it hurts the fans trying to figure out what Ken Whisenhunt is trying to do.

Vincent Brown

No Danario Alexander (former starting WR), no Vincent Brown (expected to be the starting WR replacing Alexander) and no Danny Woodhead? We're going to need to remind ourselves during this game that the offense we're seeing is against the Seahawks is nowhere near a finished product. This like like trying to play basketball with no backboard, no shoes and no ball.

Anybody else

Because the NFL doesn't require teams to report injuries, or when players miss practice, during the preseason...we have to rely on tweets to tell us who might and might not play. There could be any number of players that are too "dinged up" to play but not too "dinged up" to practice. However, those three guys above will probably be the three most important players missing from action for the San Diego Chargers tonight.

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