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Tonight on "Gennaro-ly Speaking": Annie Heilbrunn!

Annie Heilbrunn, formerly of the U-T, will join John Gennaro's weekly vlogcast to talk about the San Diego Chargers.

Everyone has been bugging me for the last few months to have a guest on an episode (episode?) of "Gennaro-ly Speaking". Tonight, it finally happens.

In addition to dozens and dozens of minutes of me ranting about the 2013 San Diego Chargers, tonight you'll get a very informal guest appearance by Annie Heilbrunn, formerly of the U-T. We'll keep the conversation mostly centered around the team and the upcoming football season, but I'll be picking out good questions you guys put in the comments of this post (and the live post) to ask her as well.

I'll also be previewing tomorrow's preseason game between the Chargers and the Seattle Seahawks, including going over every current injury and determining which ones we should be worried about and which ones don't change a thing.

When: Tonight, 7-8pm PDT

Where: In your computers, on this very website

Why: Because there's no sports on tonight

Who: John Gennaro (that's me) with a guest appearance by Annie Heilbrunn

What: An hour of Chargers analysis, jokes and fun

See everyone in the chat tonight!

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