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San Diego Chargers announce new TV show on Fox Sports San Diego

The San Diego Chargers have signed a deal with Fox Sports San Diego to air a weekly half-hour show, called Chargers Insider, to educate fans and give them a peek behind the scenes.

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Called it.

The San Diego Chargers and FOX Sports San Diego are teaming up for a new all-access look at the team with Chargers Insider, debuting Wednesday, August 28. Chargers Insider will be the go-to destination for fans that want behind-the-scenes coverage and unique features on the team.

Chargers Insider kicks off its 18-episode series on Aug. 28 (5:30 p.m. PT) on FOX Sports San Diego. The show will air each week throughout the season on Thursdays at 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. PT.

"We're excited to launch Chargers Insider and our partnership with FOX Sports San Diego to deliver access to fans that only we can provide," said A.G. Spanos, Executive Vice President-CEO of the Chargers. "We're working on some very unique ideas for the show that we're sure fans will really enjoy."

As the team enters the 2013 NFL season, Chargers Insider is there to provide exclusive interviews with players and coaches, game highlights, analysis from coaches and scouting experts, community reports, fan Q & A's and behind-the-scenes footage.

Laura McKeeman from FOX Sports San Diego will serve as host of Chargers Insider. McKeeman has worked on San Diego Padres telecasts as well as hosted Padres Live pre- and post-game shows. She also works for Fox College Football, hosting and reporting on Big 12 games. McKeeman has been a college football recruiting analyst for Fox Sports NET and

Chargers Insider will feature unique segments, such as:

  • One-on-One with Head Coach Mike McCoy: McKeeman will sit down each week with McCoy to provide a comprehensive recap of the previous week's action and discuss the upcoming opponent.
  • X's and O's: A Chargers coach will break down key plays of the game on the chalkboard and on film.
  • Bolts Breakdown: Chargers Executive Vice President of Football Operations, John Spanos, will provide analysis on the upcoming opponent from the scouts point of view

You guys, this is huge news.

This is basically what the team has been building towards with their video work on, and now they will have a professional production company to make it look pretty. This show will also go a long way towards softening the image of John Spanos for the fanbase, and will do a lot to educate Chargers fans as well.

I couldn't be more excited for Chargers Insider. I feel like both the team and Fox Sports San Diego deserve a round of applause for coming together to make it. Now they just have to execute it properly.

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