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The San Diego Chargers will have the worst record in the NFL

After displaying manic optimism, Jason Peters goes to the other extreme about the upcoming season for the San Diego Chargers.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

We are enjoying pointing and laughing at the horrible situation in Oakland, but I'm here to tell you the Chargers are worse. Possibly the worst in the league. Let's go over this point by point.

The Coach

Mike McCoy gets WAY too much credit for the success of the Denver offense. Sure, they won games under Tim Tebow, thanks to a ridiculous defense. By all accounts, the offense was pretty darn mediocre. And last year's offensive model had more to do with Peyton Manning than it did with the coaching. So let's chill out and accept that we don't know what we're getting from this guy.

The Quarterback

Why is Philip Rivers starting again? He has been terrible the last two seasons, and this preseason hasn't exactly shown any sign of a remarkable turnaround. Rivers' prime is past, and the options behind him on the depth chart aren't great. We have Clipboard Jesus and Brad Sorensen, who has looked good against 3rd stringers, but we haven't seen much else.

And isn't it time for us to really complain about Rivers throwing mechanic? I'm not saying it looks like Carly Rae Jespen throwing a first pitch, but...

Actually, that trajectory is more Donovan McNabb-ish. Let's move on.

The Running Back

Sure, Ryan Mathews has looked good so far. He'll break down early on and miss significant time. You know it is coming. Then the Chargers will be left with an already-hobbled Danny Woodhead and Fozzy Whittaker. Wow, what a fearsome group.

The Receivers

The wide receivers and tight ends have been made of glass the last few seasons, and there has been no indication that this trend will slow down. Danario Alexander is already down, and Malcom Floyd has already been slowed once before the season even started. Vincent Brown and Keenan Allen are coming back from major injuries. Antonio Gates probably will never return to his Pro Bowl form. Talented as they are, these guys are only useful if they are on the field and healthy enough to be productive, which is rare.

The Offensive Line

Sure, D.J. Fluker is a beast in the run game, but it is hard to make the argument that he is an improvement in pass protection. The rest are fill-ins or backups from other teams, plus an aging Nick Hardwick. It takes a long time to gain cohesion as a unit, and these guys don't have it yet. J.J. Watt can't wait to abuse these guys Week 1.

The Front Seven

The starters are talented, but who are their backups? They look like guys who walked off the street, and many of them are undrafted free agents. Dwight Freeney will get hurt, you know he will, and then we are stuck relying on draft bust Larry English all year.

The Secondary

Eric Weddle is great, but the rest of the secondary is a mess. We don't know who is playing opposite of Weddle at safety, and if that person will even be competent. The cornerbacks are castoffs from other teams.

Bottom Line

The depth, the depth, the depth. A couple key injuries this year, and this team goes down the drain. How often does a team lose a fairly important player or two? Only nearly every team, every year! That is why having quality backups is so important! This team doesn't have any quality backups at any position across the entire depth chart.

Look, the number one overall pick is nothing to sneeze at. Tom Telesco will get to drool over whether he wants Javedeon Clowney or Terry Bridgewater. He can't miss there. But if you expect big things from this team, like I did just a short while ago, you are mistaken. This team is destined for a 2-14 record and the top overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.