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The San Diego Chargers will win the Super Bowl

Jason Peters gets completely irrational with optimism about the upcoming season and predicts the 2013 San Diego Chargers to win the Super Bowl.


This season will be special for the players, coaches, and fans of the San Diego Chargers. This is the season we win the Super Bowl. Let me break down why for you...

The Coach

Mike McCoy is a terrific coach that gets the absolute most out of his players. The man got a team quarterbacked by Tim Tebow to the playoffs and a playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. When given a real quarterback in Peyton Manning, he turned the offense into a juggernaut, getting an MVP season out of a late 30's quarterback coming off multiple neck surgeries. No mere mortal coach could have accomplished these feats. Mike McCoy will lead us to the promised land.

The Quarterback

Let's revisit this point...he made Tim Tebow look like a decent quarterback. This is something that Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick have failed to accomplish. Given a real quarterback like Philip Rivers, this offense will take off. Don't worry about Rivers lackluster showing in the preseason. If it becomes evident that Rivers is not picking things up fast enough, the offense will be adjusted to make better use of his talents. The Chargers will be fine at QB this season.

The Running Backs

Have you seen Ryan Mathews run this preseason? The dude is looking like a legitimate stud. He is more decisive, and running with power. Sure, he could still use some help protecting the ball and the quarterback, but his gains have far outstripped his deficiencies. So long as he stays healthy, a 2000 total yard campaign is right around the corner!

And Fozzy! Every time he goes for 4 extra yards, I just want to yell "Wakka wakka!" This guy has earned a roster spot, and will make a nice change of pace for Mathews.

The Receivers

We have not one, but two young studs that are superb receiving talents in Vincent Brown and Keenan Allen. We could talk all day how they'll be great for years to come, but screw that! We are talking about this year, and they are poised to make a huge impact as premiere targets for Rivers.

And let's not forget about Antonio Gates. He can still put up solid numbers, and with great outside talent and a good pass-catching back in Ryan Mathews, Gates will have plenty of room to do damage in the middle of the field.

The O-Line

Well, it sure can't be worse than last year, could it? D.J Fluker is an absolute BEAST in the running game. The rest of the line is looking a whole bunch more competent as well. Much of the pressure Rivers has received has been on Rivers. Once that's worked out (and it will be), this line will do some damage wearing out the defense.

The Front Seven

The defensive starters are either young and loaded with talent, or wily veterans who are loaded with talent. Either way, the Chargers are loaded with defensive talent. Dwight Freeney looks like he went back to 2005. Manti Te'o has the instinct and imagination to be a real impact player. Donald Butler keeps getting better and better, and it is scary to think how good he'll be if that continues. Larry English looks like he might not suck! And it is possible Melvin Ingram might be back this season! How awesome would that be?

The Secondary

We have the Weddle. The Weddle is awesome. The Weddle counts for 5 players. It almost isn't fair. Chuck Norris saw Eric Weddle play football and said "Even I am not that badass." True story.

The Medical Staff

We don't have Chao. We don't have to worry about the paper-thin depth chart since we have competent doctors now, right?

Bottom Line

Between our superb coaching and incredible young talent, this team isn't in rebuilding mode. It is ready to make The Leap, and it will start Week One by destroying the Houston Texans.

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