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Chargers-Cardinals Running Diary, Third Quarter

The third and final "running diary" of the San Diego Chargers preseason victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

Third Quarter

  • Not sure the San Diego Chargers can afford to keep anyone on the team as a "kick return specialist" only. Sorry, Richard Goodman.
  • Fozzy Whittaker can hit the hole when it's there. He won't make a running game by himself, but he could be good-to-quite-good behind a good offensive line.
  • Charlie Whitehurst is also wearing a single glove on his non-throwing hand. Weird.
  • The second-string offensive line is, understandably, terrible.
  • "This Arizona Cardinals team looks like a different team coming out of the locker room after half time," said Dan Fouts, while the first-team Cardinals offense go up against the second-team Chargers defense.
  • Excellent hit and forced fumble by Brandon Taylor. He's been outplaying Marcus Gilchrist, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Cardinals needed that reviewed play to go their way (which I didn't agree with) to continue the drive, but eventually they proved that Carson Palmer and the first string AZ offense is better than the Chargers backup defense.
  • Ladarius Green should absolutely be on the field for 15-20 plays each week. He's a mismatch for everyone and finally has the size to play TE. Good coaches find a way to get those players on the field.
  • The second-string offense's gameplan is basically "Get the ball to Fozzy Whittaker with blockers in front of him." Guys like that don't get cut, right? Maybe they should try him on kickoffs.
  • I don't think there's any way I could do a running diary of the fourth quarter. The third quarter is almost done and it's just the same players doing the same things over and over again.
  • D.J. Smith's hit was perfect. It was Takeo Spikes-esque. No surprise that it resulted in a turnover.
  • The offense barely moves at all, but Nick Novak kicks a 50 yard FG. Points are points.

Yeah, that's it from me. I'll watch the fourth quarter (after lunch), but I don't think there will be enough in there for another running diary.