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Chargers vs. Cardinals final score, San Diego dominates Arizona 24-7

The San Diego Chargers didn't dominate so much as the Arizona Cardinals seemed to hand them every easy opportunity they could. Still, San Diego leaves Phoenix with their first win of the 2013 NFL preseason.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

Well, that was a game. I'm not quite sure yet what San Diego Chargers fans can take away from that game, where Philip Rivers and the offensive line looked inconsistent, but I'm sure I'll know later this week.

The Chargers' defense and special teams units looked great, but part of me wonders if they looked great or if the Cardinals' opposing units simply looked that bad. The blocked punt by Darrell Stuckey was probably the play of the game for either team.

Ryan Mathews looked good, but also fumbled the ball. Philip Rivers seemed to get the ball out a bit sooner, but still threw an interception and spent a lot of time staring down Antonio Gates. Fozzy Whittaker looked better than Ronnie Brown. While Keenan Allen didn't do much for the offense, his 44 yard punt return was one of the better plays of the game for San Diego.

Brandon Taylor got credit for a forced fumble, while Andrew Gachkar got credit for an interception, but the star of the Chargers defense remained Dwight Freeney, who continues to have an outstanding preseason.

Nobody on the Chargers was seriously injured, and Danny Woodhead actually got some game reps in. Those were the goals of the team heading into this game, and in those goals they succeeded.