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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals, 1st Half (Preseason)

The San Diego Chargers travel to Phoenix to take on the Arizona Cardinals in the most important preseason game of the year for both teams.

Christian Petersen

I'm writing this early, because right now I'm actually on my way to Randy Jones All- American Sports Grill for the BFTB meetup. If you are not also on your way there, I'll assume you either live very close to that establishment or very far away.

I was trying to throw together a post today of which San Diego Chargers players will miss tonight's game against the Arizona Cardinals, but right now it's still so up in the air. Manti Te'o won't play. Chris Gronkowski hasn't been practicing either, so he probably won't play. Malcom Floyd won't play, and neither will the guys that are out for an extended period of time (Melvin Ingram, Devan Walker, Jonas Mouton). Here's to hoping that Danny Woodhead plays.

New Chargers cornerback Richard Marshall, signed yesterday, is not expected to play. He is expected to get a bunch of snaps in the game on Thursday against the 49ers, though.

We'll be back tonight with a 2nd half open thread and a post game recap, and we'll evaluate all of the game film as quickly as we can after that.