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San Diego Chargers to Hold Walk-Through Practice Aboard USS Reagan

The Chargers will hold a walk-through practice aboard the US Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

Stephen Dunn

San Diego is always talked about as a military town, with an especially large Navy presence. In fact, a lot of San Diego's growth can be credited to the large military presence during and following World War II. Though San Diego has diversified in the years since — both in population and in industries — the military has always maintained a large presence in town.

It's only fitting, then, that the team continues to find ways to be involved with the local military. Each year the team holds practices with the Marines from MCAS Miramar, and this year they're working out with the Navy as well. In fact, this is the 25th year the team has been performing their "Salute to the Military."

Continuing that tradition, the Chargers will be holding a walk-through practice on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan on Wednesday, August 28th; the day before their final preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers. After practice, the team will visit with and sign autographs for crew members and their families. Oh, and the Charger Girls will be there too.

Not only that, but before practice, the team will host 100 children of Navy Sailors on the ship for the Chargers Play 60 Football Clinic. The clinic will be held inside one of the hangar bays onboard the ship, and following the clinic, players will sign autographs and the children will be able to watch the team practice.

It's nice to see the team continually give back to the military community.