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Fantasy Football: How early are San Diego Chargers players being drafted?

Two preseason games have been played, and many leagues are starting to draft teams now. How early (or late) are San Diego Chargers players being drafted?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Before camp started, we took a look at where Chargers players were being drafted, and where you might get a homer pick for good value.  A lot has happened since then, most notably a season-ending injury to Danario Alexander.

Player July 22 August 23
Ryan Mathews 87.4 89.5
Antonio Gates 99.6 99.4
Vincent Brown 136.4 116.3
Philip Rivers 126.5 125.7
Danny Woodhead 123.3 129.9
Malcom Floyd 134.9 131.2
Danario Alexander 81.5 -

Not surprisingly, the player to get the biggest boost up draft boards in Vincent Brown.  Floyd also gets a boost of a couple spots. Mathews has dropped a couple of spots despite a promising preseason.  Rivers and Gates remain about where they have been, and Keenan Allen is still not getting drafted highly or often enough to be ranked.  Danny Woodhead's injury and lack of play have dropped him half a round in average ADP.

So where does that leave us?  If Mathews keeps playing the way he has and can avoid injury, a mid-round pick for him could yield excellent returns.  Malcom Floyd looks like he'll be ready to go week 1, and a campaign of 850 yards and 5 touchdowns would make him worth retaining as a WR3.

Vincent Brown provides a high risk/high reward option given his ADP.  Either he will break out and will be one of the steals of the draft, or he will post somewhat unspectacular numbers and won't be worth retaining, as there will be better options readily available.  I hope it is the former.

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