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Gennaro-ly Speaking: San Diego Chargers Preseason Week 3 with Loren Casuto

John Gennaro from Bolts from the Blue and Loren Casuto from Bolt Talk discuss the San Diego Chargers preseason at the half way point and discuss expectations for the team in 2013.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers are 0-2 (in meaningless games) and the Head Coach doesn't want to talk about anything. The star rookie linebacker is slated to miss the most important preseason game of the year, his second in a row, and the team is so weak at wide receiver and cornerback that they're signing guys off the street to compete for roster spots.

Long story short, I should have plenty to talk about with Bolt Talk's Loren Casuto on Gennaro-ly Speaking this evening. Tune in as we talk about everything above and break down what to watch for in the Arizona Cardinals game on Saturday.

Your live streaming video (or recorded broadcast video, if you're late) is below. Your questions/comments go below that.

The show starts at 7pm PDT sharp(ish).

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