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Chargers vs Bears (Preseason): A Running Diary of the Game

Nick re-watched the Chargers v. Bears game with his laptop in hand. He's recorded his stream of consciousness on the offense along with a few random observations about defense/special teams and commentating.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

First Half

Chargers 1st Drive on Offense vs Bears

  • 1st play - Rivers gets the ball out quickly, anticipates Gates coming open
  • Mathews makes a STRONG read, finds the hole and then burrows for 5
  • On this play Fluker took his man 7 yards past the original point of attack
  • Awful throw by Rivers to basically the only place the defense could affect the play.

2nd Chargers Drive vs Bears

  • First carry by Mathews is a terrific example of the difference between top RB's like Forte and him. While it's great to see him be decisive in the backfield and immediately get going north...when Mathews see's a DB, he puts both hands on the ball, lowers his shoulder, and is content to fall forward for 3 yards. Forte makes moves in the open field that net him an additional 20 yards.
  • Fluker. Clary. There ain't much of a difference in that pass block.
  • For a WR whose calling card is route running and body positioning, Allen has to do a better job shielding the DB from that interception.

3rd Chargers Drive vs Bears

  • You hate to see Mathews try to take on every tackle in the open field as a head-on collision given his struggles staying healthy.



  • Mathews is so focused on barreling his way forward that he misses the hole around Rhinehart's block.




  • Starks is really terrible. Fumble is all on him. Why is he playing?

4th Chargers Drive vs Bears

  • On my 7th–grade Pop Warner team, if an offensive lineman put his head down while trying to block, he was no longer an offensive lineman. Clary.

5th Chargers Drive vs Bears

  • Charlie Whitehurst just fumbled a snap. If someone has a reason (beyond hair) why he's on the team...would love to hear it.

6th Chargers Drive vs Bears

  • Ladarius Green looks about 20 lbs heavier than he did last year. Hope that he can make an impact.
  • Whitehurst has taken a big step forward from week 1 to week 2. Ball is getting out quickly, to spaces where receivers will be rather than when they have already broke open.
  • Fluker takes a nice zone bucket to help Clary and then moves smoothly to the second level to pick up the linebacker. Fozzy Wozzy runs it in for a TD and Fluker celebrates by waving his arms around. I think I felt the breeze from Coronado.
  • Nice to hear Dilfer get appropriately excited about a decent showing by Fluker.

2nd Half

Whitehurtst Leading the Offense

  • Fozzy Whittaker continues to look impressive. Not sure Ronnie Brown makes the team if he keeps playing well.
  • Ladarius Green is really having a nice game. Shielded the defender from that TD pass really nicely.
  • Meachem can't get separation against the Bears' 3rd string CB
  • Mike Hill has a little wiggle to him. Between Fozzy and Hill, why does Brown need a roster spot?
  • Ladarius Green against 3rd stringers shows you why the Chargers took a chance on such a talented athlete.

Sorensen Leading the Offense

  • Baker doesn't have the first steep burst to make it around the edge. He's going to have a tough time beating linebackers to the outside.
  • It's hard to look at Sorensen and think: "NFL quarterback." Then you realize that you're the caricature of a terrible scout they put in Moneyball to say "Bad Face."
  • Sorensen just fit a PERFECT throw into tight coverage to Willie - timing throw to the outside shoulder where only Willie could find it.
  • It's sad to see Meachem running with the 4s and 5s. Sorensen looked off the safety pretty nicely on that 40 yarder.
  • The WR's never look like they are waiting for the ball to get out of Sorensen's hands. Anticipatory timing throws.

San Diego Chargers Defense / Special Teams vs Chicago Bears

  • Liuget is a beast. Takes the OT and deposits him 4 yards in the backfield, stopping the run and eventually making a TFL.
  • Jarret Johnson makes a nice rip on the TE, who is totally overwhelmed by him. Beats him to the outside, and he makes a nice play to strip Cutler
  • Wright seems to have lined up against Brandon Marshall several times and yet his knee is not injured. I wish his magic voodoo spells worked against opponents, too.
  • Cutler's 2nd sack in a row. Full bull rush by Freeney pushes Cutler to step up in the pocket, where Corey Liuget is waiting.
  • Why in all the hell is Keenan Allen returning punts?
  • Donald Butler just beat Brandon Marshall to the ball. That is a terrific sign. Also good ankle-biting from Dwight Freeney made Cutler feel some pressure.
  • Bront Bird does a terrible job, taking on the lead blocker with the wrong shoulder and ensuring that he won't be involved in the play. It's basically a 1-1 play with the linebacker, and he loses.
  • Bront Bird's hair looks to be commensurate with his ability to stop the run. Meaning awful.
  • Jarret Johnson can set the damn edge.
  • Marshall turns Cox completely around with his feet, and then tosses him to the ground with his upper body strength. Big receivers could kill the Chargers this year.
  • Larry English does a spectacular job running himself out of the play. Saw this maybe 6 times in 2 quarters.
  • Nice job of Weddle to make a pre-season business decision and take on a blocking TE up high rather than diving through his legs and causing a pile. Maybe he'll actually make a Pro Bowl this way?
  • That's what Forte does and Ryan Mathews doesn't. Weddle's one of the best open field tacklers in the league, but Forte slips him and goes for an extra 20 yards. Good effort by Wright to get up and chase him down.
  • Full on push off by Marshall against Wright. Gilchrist is playing?
  • Richard Goodman is terrible and has no business on an NFL roster.
  • The Chargers Special Teams has been really bad. That's usually a sign of poor drafting and depth, or, the last present from AJ Smith.
  • Scaife and Wynn both do not look terrible. This is a pleasant surprise.
  • Berman believes the Bears are sitting on their lead to go into the half. Think ESPN let him know that these games don't count?
  • Goodman is the Ryan Mathews of kick returners.
  • Here's what I said about Bears ILB Johnathan Bostic before the draft: "Bostic's game is about running in straight lines and knocking you the eff out when he eventually ge ts there." Mike Willie, you just got Bostic'd.
  • Love to hear DJ Smith is having a good camp, but remembering that this observation is from Trent Dilfer and so relatively worthless.
  • One of my favorite things to do during preseason is to invent first names for the late-game players. Ex: #71, last name Harrel. Has long luscious mullet locks. Imaginary first name: Harv.

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