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MEETUP: Let's watch the Chargers-Cardinals preseason game together

Do you have plans for Saturday night? Well, now you do! Hang out with the BFTB community while watching the San Diego Chargers take on the Arizona Cardinals in the most important preseason game of the year for both teams.

Denis Doyle

On Saturday evening, the San Diego Chargers will travel east through the desert to take on the Arizona Cardinals for their third (and most important) game of the preseason. Unless you were planning on spending half of your weekend in Arizona, which you shouldn't, chances are that your plans for watching the game included your couch at home and a bowl of pretzels. Well....

Change of Plans

BFTB is doing one of its famous meetups where we sit awkwardly at a bar and have other people stare at us as we loudly break down things like the arm angle, pocket awareness, feet, hips, legs, shoulders, knees and toes of every person on the screen and even some that aren't.

Since it is a road game, it is guaranteed to be on TV. Since it's a very important preseason game and the first team will play most, if not all, of the first half, it's guaranteed to be fun (or depressing).

Here are the details:

  • When: 7pm PDT on Saturday, August 24, 2013
  • Where: Randy Jones All American Sports Grill 7510 Hazard Center Dr #215, San Diego, CA 92108
  • Why: Because it will be fun!
  • What: Watch the Chargers take on the Cardinals in preseason action (and I imagine the Padres game will be on too).
  • How: There's a good amount of parking at Hazard Center, and there's a trolley station across the street. I'll be taking the trolley and recommend anyone who will be drinking and not bringing a designated driver do the same.
  • Your first drink: is on me, if you're one of the first ten people to show up. That's right! If you are one of the first ten people to arrive to watch the game with myself and the rest of the BFTB community, I will buy you a drink.

Come one, come all, to what might be the last meetup of the season. No matter how big or small these events are, they're always a good time and typically very informative.