For Those About To Draft....

Yes, Christmas is almost here. The start of another NFL season and drafting your Fantasy Football team should be surging to the top of your To Do list, right under Buy More Bacon.

Great to see more lurkers emerge to take their shot at fake glory.

For both past players and those new to participating in BFTB Yahoo Leagues, I would strongly strongly strongly advise you to test your system prior to draft day. Yahoo have recently 'upgraded' (their word, not mine) the draft rooms, and this briefly played havoc with a few people trying to load the mock draft room, particularly if you had Pop Ups disabled and/or Ad Block enabled. Give your system a test to see if you're ok. If you're not, enable Pop Ups and disable Ad Block for the duration of the draft. You don't want to be faffing around with your PC while Yahoo autodrafts Mark Sanchez for you.

For the fortunate individuals in the groundbreaking Bolts Big Boys Mega League, don't forget the Mega Draft is scheduled for this upcoming Mega Sunday, 25 August, at noon PDT. Bring a Mega Lunch.

I'm also waiting for whoever is, to get back to me re their invite.

Good luck to everybody and Go Bolts my fantasy teams and Bolts.

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