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Concussions Should Be Taken Seriously

It has been reported that San Diego Chargers CB Johnny Patrick suffered a concussion during last night's preseason game against the Chicago Bears. Here is a reminder that such things should not be taken lightly.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

During yesterdays game, Johnny Patrick had to be taken off the field and helped to the locker room.  The following was reported by Union-Tribune writer Michael Gehlkin on Twitter.

I cannot say if this is his opinion or the opinion he received from his source.  Perhaps he only meant the jaw wasn't serious.  However, the way it is phrased suggests that either he or his source believes a concussion isn't serious.  If so, that is a very irresponsible attitude to have.

If a player strains his knee, the team will shut him down for a time to make sure the knee fully heals.  Further stress and simply make the injury worse.  The Chargers are taking these very precautions with Malcom Floyd.

The same goes for concussions.  If a person experiences more trauma before the brain has fully healed, that will make the concussion much worse.  Even if the player looks alright today, putting him in any situation where he will be experiencing contact is risking not only that player's season, but risking long-term effect that he will experience for the rest of his life.

I hope this is not the attitude the Chargers will take with Patrick if he did suffer a concussion.  I hope they sideline him for a while, and keep him away from contact for even longer.  Risking one man's future is not worth any win, not even a Super Bowl.

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