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San Diego Chargers look bad in preseason loss to the Chicago Bears

In their second preseason game, the San Diego Chargers got embarassed by the Chicago Bears on ESPN in a 30-28 loss.

Jonathan Daniel

The upside is that there were no serious injuries for the San Diego Chargers. The downside is that the Chargers first team offense and special teams looked absolutely awful against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

Individuals that had good games include:

  • Ryan Mathews
  • Charlie Whitehurst
  • Mike Willie (kind of)
  • Brad Sorensen
  • Edwin Baker
  • Fozzy Whittaker
  • Ladarius Green
  • Jarius Wynn
  • Dwight Freeney
  • Corey Liuget

Actually, Liuget's good game had a lot to do with the drop-off in performance of the first-team defense when he left the game with the shoulder injury.

There was a lot to be discouraged about from this game, and not a lot to make you think that this team could compete in 2013 without a miracle. Many people were blaming A.J. Smith for that including myself, but that doesn't change the fact that this could be a very depressing season to be a Chargers fan.

Below is the video feed of my live (semi-drunk) post game version of "Gennaro-ly Speaking". Click play and enjoy! The show will start in a few minutes.