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What NFL player do you just love to hate?

The NFL is full of those particular players that make us seethe for one reason or another. Which players in the NFL just get under your skin?

Jonathan Daniel

The San Diego Chargers play the Chicago Bears this evening. That means we get to be reminded about the "feud" between Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler that has been going on since Cutler's days with the Denver Broncos. Is there a player in the NFL right now more universally-reviled than Jay Cutler? I contend there is not.

The Jay Cutler hate has become quite a meme over the last few years. Much has been discussed about Cutler's lack of braveryhis apparent lack of interest in ... well ... anything, heck even the way he proposed to his girlfriend has been made a spectacle (for good reason).

Me? I'm a bit indifferent towards him nowadays. I read the stories about him in amusement, but ever since he left the Broncos I've kind of stopped hating him. It doesn't mean I like the guy, but I also don't revile him quite as much as many of you do.

Who do I live to hate? Right now I would have to say Peyton Manning. Everywhere you turn, he's hawking some product; you can't escape him. And his kid brother is Eli Manning? Hate him too. Oh and Peyton plays for the Broncos? That's just the cherry on top of the hate sandwich.

So let this be an outlet for all that bottled-up hate. Let's all get together and talk about the players we just love to hate, let's get the hate off our chests. Tell us in the comments below who you just love to hate and why.