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TONIGHT: "Gennaro-ly Speaking" Post Game Show

Are you dying to watch a half-drunk man angrily rant about the San Diego Chargers at the conclusion of tonight's preseason game? Then I have something for you!

Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sports

Since the start of the "Gennaro-ly Speaking" live video podcasts a few months ago, you guys have been begging me to do a live post-game edition of it. I'm finally giving in, and I'm doing it in the preseason in case it's terrible.

My plan for this evening is to watch the game while drinking scotch. I believe Richard Wade is coming by to share in both activities. Then, as I'm finishing up writing the game recap, I will flip on my netbook's webcam and embed the live video right into the game recap post. Everyone can then use comments of the game recap to complain both about the game and about me.

I'll hype it up a little. The second preseason game is usually when I make some enemies. It's when I give up on the progress of some players (Looking at you, Philip Rivers) and get angry about the arrogance of the GM (although this year it'll probably be aimed at the former GM) because of the lack of pass rushers on the team. Something like that.

I guess what I'm saying is: It's going to be fun. Be there.