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I was wrong about Robert Meachem and so were you

BFTB Analyst and Español correspondent Gabriel Yañez Garcia once wrote a promising article about Robert Meachem being signed to a four year contract. Now it looks as if Meachem won't be a Charger within four months.


Most of you know I tend to look at things optimistically. Last year's Pick 'em contest I finished, what, 2nd behind Richard or something? I picked the Chargers every week. Had I been honest with myself, I would have won our pick 'em because I would have had the Chargers at 10-6 and not 16-0, but it doesn't matter anymore. I'll probably do the same thing in this year's pick 'em. The point is, I like to stay positive. Just look at this article. You thought I forgot about that? Heck to the no. I tried to forget it, but every Sunday when I saw him in the game for five plays I bit my tongue in shame wondering why he had to make me look like a fool for believing in him.


I am aware of what happened last year with his 14 catches and 207 yards. You'll notice how optimistic I am in that last paragraph of that article when I said "I have my doubts" and didn't say what they were. I didn't mention that Norv's extended route concepts would be a weakness for Meachem or that playing the X receiver would take him some time to settle in. I didn't mention his injury situation or the fact that he had lots of catches on completed routes, which was kind of hard to accomplish with the offensive line not giving Rivers time to throw last year. Again, I wanted to stay positive. Focus on what I thought would keep a smile on our faces. At this point, you may have seen me become not as positive as before, and it's all thanks to "Romeo" Meachem.

The funny part is, the vast majority of BFTB readers thought he would be a great addition as well. After seeing that magnificent 46 yard catch against Oakland in the opener, we all jumped for joy at what might become. Sadly, it was just a flash that blinded us (and him) from the near future. Look at the poll results. Everyone was on board with Meachem. Sorry, I misled you all. I may have misled Meachem too. He probably read my article and thought "wow, I can be great!" He probably didn't actually read it and still pondered his potential greatness, though. Why?

20 Games over three seasons

That's how much footage I watched to come to my conclusions. I watched so many Saints games my wife thought I was going to join "Who Dat" nation like her younger brother (who spent 3 years in NOLA after their super bowl run). I saw a receiver who could be a legitimate deep threat and do just enough that Vincent Jackson wouldn't be so sorely missed. I saw a receiver who could be a solid intermediate route runner like Antonio Gates. I saw a receiver that would fit on the team. I saw someone who at worst, would have 30 catches and 500 yards and at best could be an 80 catch 1200 yard pro bowler. I saw a receiver who benefited from a great system and quarterback. I saw a free agent bust by week 8.

Clearly Meachem performed far worse than anyone expected. This offseason, Robert Meachem saw himself and said he sucked. The Silver Fox also makes some other good points in that article. It's hard not to agree with him. Lets not try to (figuratively) burn Meachem alive, though. He's still a more capable football player than 99.9% of fans and may bounce back somehow. We don't know what the future holds for him. He might play out the season and be an afterthought. He might have a 50 catch season (in which case I'll eat my... cake). Let's all just forget he happened when he's gone. Just like we're forgetting about the A.J. Smith era. Forgive and forget. Forgive me, not necessarily A.J.