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It's Time for Bolts from the Blue's Fantasy Football Leagues

Want to be a part of BFTB's fantasy football leagues? Here's your chance.

No, not that type of fantasy.
No, not that type of fantasy.
Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of the year again. Fantasy Football is all the rage, and BFTB is getting in on the fun.

Since you guys have formed relationships with each other in the community/comments here, we feel like it's our responsibility to create a few leagues for you guys to play against each other in. BFTB "sponsored" leagues, if you will.

The issue we've run into, in the past, is that there are a ton of you and these leagues have their limitations. We can't really run a league that has 100 teams in it without it becoming horribly boring (Also, Yahoo's rules don't allow it). Another issue is that a lot of people that are lurkers try to get in on the fun, only to bail after a few weeks without anyone know how to tease them about doing so.

This year, with a few weeks remaining, I want to do things a little differently. I want to give the users that actually have usernames at BFTB, and have actually commented before, first shot. I've created a handful of 20-team leagues (oh, calm down, it'll be fun!) that I will be Commissioner of and participate in. All you have to do to be invited to one is comment below, telling me that you'd like an invite, and then check your e-mail when I send an invite to the e-mail address you have on record with SB Nation.

So, to recap: Want to play fantasy football against me and the friends you've made in the BFTB comments? Want to compete against knowledgeable Chargers fans in a game to see who knows more about bench players that might win starting jobs and preseason stars? Comment below, letting me know that you'd like an invite, and expect an invite sent to your e-mail shortly after.

Get to it.

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