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BFTB After Dark: July 9, 2013

John Gennaro is going to get angry again. Consider this your warning. Oh, and he'll probably be on TV at some point this evening.

Steve Dykes

Just a warning that there is some hell coming to BFTB in the weeks leading to training camp, mostly because it's been a while since I've gotten angry. Writers will be fired, commenters will be banned, and I will return to form as fearless leader/curmudgeon so that I'm properly ready to take on the task of churning out constant content for BFTB.

Oh, and there will be CONSTANT content. You thought we wrote a lot last year? Just wait. Those that can hang will be rewarded for being part of the machine. Those that can't will be weeded out quickly. Should be fun for you guys to watch, and it should result in BFTB getting even better at delivering news/analysis about the San Diego Chargers to you.

On a more random note, I'll be taking part in the Padres' "Social Media Night" tonight. So, while I know some of you have missed seeing my face since I haven't done a Gennaro-ly Speaking in a while, chances are I'll be on your TV plenty this evening. Feel free to leave your flattering remarks in the comments below when you see me.

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Darius Rucker - Come Back Song (via DariusRuckerVEVO)