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25 Most Important Chargers Players: #25 Keenan Allen

With training camp underway, we preview the 25 most important players on the San Diego Chargers roster in 2013, starting with rookie Wide Receiver Keenan Allen.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

The start of training camp brings hope to every team, hope that this could be the year that they compete for the Super Bowl. It also brings fear, as the team and its fans watch practice and wait to see which player will sustain a serious injury and miss a large portion of the 2013 regular season.

We decided it would be a good/fun idea to break down the 25 most important players on the roster for the San Diego Chargers this season, so that you know which players to freak out over if they end up getting injured before the first game. We'll break this down into what each player has done, why they are ranked here, and why they aren't ranked any higher.

The great thing about sports in general is you can ask a question to ten different people and get as many answers. We know not everyone is going to agree with each spot said player is listed in, so feel free to bash explain to us why you think they should be higher, lower, or not included at all.

We start the list with the Chargers' 2013 third-round selection out of California.

#25 Keenan Allen, WR

What He's Done

Nothing. Hasn't played a snap in the NFL. All reports from training camp early on are positive, though. He's created separation, caught the ball well, and made the most of his opportunities. Allen has also been working with the returners early on, so that's something to keep a close eye on.

Why He's Here

Many fans think it's inevitable that Allen will see the field this year. Unfortunately, that could come at the expense of an injury to another one of his fellow Wide Receivers.

Allen is a great talent that has a great future in store for him as a Charger. He's 6'2, with the quickness of a typical slot receiver. He catches everything that's thrown his way and is great over the middle of the field and after the catch. He did most of his damage out of the slot in college, and that's where I look for him to have an impact for San Diego in 2013. Although I'm not certain how long it will take for him to make that impact.

"He plays the game a lot like Anquan Boldin, and has hands like Larry Fitzgerald" - Charles Davis, NFL Network

Why He's Not Higher

At this point, Keenan Allen is somewhat of a luxury despite his immense talent. He's buried in the depth chart behind Malcom Floyd, Danario Alexander, Vincent Brown and maybe others, although that could change by the end of the preseason.

He's being brought along slowly as a rookie, and rightfully so coming off of a serious season-ending knee surgery. It's hard to predict a rookie's success in general, but this feels like the right spot on the list for someone that the Chargers don't need to produce, barring injury.

"Allen doesn't have top end speed or athleticism, it's clear that there are limits to what he can do physically in terms of explosiveness." - Eric Nagel, SB Nation

What are you expecting to see from Keenan Allen in his rookie year? Do we overrate or underrate the rookie wide receiver?

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