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San Diego Chargers Training Camp Starts Today

San Diego Chargers training camp kicks off at 9:30am this morning at Chargers Park. Fans have packed the stands to get their first look at Mike McCoy's new offense.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Right now, the 2013 San Diego Chargers are practicing in their first session of "training camp". They've already stretched, they have their playbooks (mostly) memorized and the coaches have an idea of the new systems they'd like to install over the next month or so.

I suppose this is news. Even if it isn't, it's exciting!

I was listening to Ben Higgins (and that other guy that hates me) this morning and they said that the fan turnout for this morning's practice was impressive, and that was an hour before practice even began! Chargers fans are excited to buy whatever it is that Mike McCoy is selling.

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