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San Diego Chargers place OLB Melvin Ingram and SS Brandon Taylor on Physically-Unable-to-Perform (PUP) list

The San Diego Chargers have placed OLB Melvin Ingram and SS Brandon Taylor on the PUP list. Here's what that means for those two and the rest of the team, in 2013.


Here's some San Diego Chargers news for your Wednesday evening:

This seems like a good time to revisit the rules and find out what being on the "Physically Unable to Perform" list means for Melvin Ingram in 2013.

From Wikipedia:

A player who, as a result of football-related injuries, is unable to take part in training camp practices may be assigned to the preseason PUP list. Players can be moved off the PUP list to the active roster at any time, even after one practice. A player cannot be placed on the PUP list, however, once he has taken the field for a practice, even if only for a few minutes.

A player who finishes the preseason still on the PUP list can then be placed on the regular-season PUP list. Such players must sit out the first six games their team plays. At that point, teams have a three-week window in which to allow the player to begin practicing; from the day the player begins practicing, teams have an additional three-week window in which to decide whether to activate the player to the 53-man roster. If either of those deadlines pass, the player must remain on the PUP list for the remainder of the season.

You know that fancy new rule where a team can dedicate one player on Injured Reserve as a player that can return after the first half of the season? That's what you use when said player has practiced with the team in training camp or any time after that.

When the player hasn't participated in a single training camp practice, or any other football activities after that, you can essentially use the PUP list the same way.

This means that the Chargers have opened the door in case Ingram's recovery is miraculous and allows him to return during the second of the 2013 regular season, and it also means that the team still has an open "short term Injured Reserve" spot for any player injured during training camp/preseason this year.

Update: Brandon Taylor too!

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