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Where We Bolt: Danny Coyles, San Francisco

Nick lets you know where he watches the games and wants you to tell us the same.


I live in San Francisco. As a diehard Charger (and Padre) fan, this is not good. Simply put, if it's Sunday, I am watching the Bolts. If I don't get to watch the Bolts, I get really effing grumpy. (Ask my girlfriend, she will tell you.)

Naturally, upon moving here a little over three years ago I was determined to get NFL Sunday ticket and watch every game from the safety of my own home, away from jeering 49er fans or Raider fans that I would probably taunt just a bit over the line only to wind up dead in an alleyway somewhere in the Tenderloin.

My apartment building does not allow dishes to be installed. Luckily, a friend from home then led me to Mecca, an unassuming bar called Danny Coyles in the Lower Haight District of San Francisco.

This is Danny Coyles from the outside.


Standard dive bar, right? This is Danny Coyles at game time literally every Sunday.


You are correct, that is 100% of the crowd wearing Charger gear.

Other perks of Danny Coyles:

1. Every touchdown, field goal or turnover forced, we play "San Diego Super Chargers" – the whole bar sings. Many shots are taken, much merriment is had by all.

2. "ANTONIO" yells one side of the bar "GATES" yells the other

3. "YOU CAN’T RUN" still lives here, even if it doesn’t actually apply to current Charger teams

4. $2 Tecate’s all game long.

5. Delicious Rosamunde sausage is less than a block away, and the bar does not care if you bring in outside food.

Really, this bar has become a community. You see the same faces week in, week out. I "know" a lot of people there by sight only, our common Charger love being the sole purpose we attend.

If you’re ever in San Francisco, come and check it out. Here's a link to directions.

Oh, and let us know where YOU watch the game. When the season starts, I'll be putting together a city by city guide of "where to watch the Chargers" and the more, the merrier!

UPDATE: Here's the Danny Coyles Facebook group for any SF based or visiting readers.

Resident Scary Looking But Really Nice And Knowledgeable @SonnyPhono wants credit for the Antonio Gates chant.

Also, you can tweet at my alleged girlfriend @ to tell her how much you hate me admire how pretty and witty she is.