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San Diego Chargers: What home game is the hottest ticket in 2013?

As you all know, some games are more attractive to ticket-buyers than others (as evidenced by not all of the games being blacked out). Aside from black outs, though, the easiest way to determine what's the hot ticket is by prices on the secondary market.

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Secondary ticket marketplace, Vivid Seats, has released data (and in the form of a lovely chart, no less) on the upcoming 2013 season that you can see below. The data is current through July 9, 2013 and excludes suites, luxury boxes and parking.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive tickets on the secondary market are to the games where the opposing team's fans can be expected to travel to San Diego to cheer on their team. There also seems to be some additional weight toward the travelling fan bases of teams that can be expected to win on the road. This would explain why Chiefs game is at the bottom. Although anyone in Kansas would be happy to spend December 29 in San Diego, it's probably difficult to justify flying here and buying tickets to watch your team compete for last place in the division long after any chance of doing any better than that has disappeared.

The Cowboys game's substantial lead suggests that Cowboy fandom is still alive and well despite the fact that America's Team hasn't had the kind of success that swelled the ranks of its bandwagon in quite some time. The Broncos game placing second makes sense coming in second since the Broncos are still on the rise and overly optimistic Chargers fans probably think this game could be important to the season still.

I'm most surprised by how expensive the Colts game is relative to the rest of the schedule. Are people that intrigued by Andrew Luck? Or are people really buying into the Colts after their insanely lucky season in 2012?

Anyway, why do you think things are shaking out the way they are and what games are you attending in 2013?