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Nobody knows how to pay for the new Chargers stadium

The Chargers really want a new stadium in San Diego, they just don't know how to pay for one.

Stephen Dunn

Here's how the situation sits for the San Diego Chargers and a new stadium, if I'm understanding it correctly.

  • San Diego isn't willing to pay for half of the stadium (and sacrifice other places where those tax dollars should go) and also give the land to the Chargers for them to build commercial real estate on it.
  • Los Angeles says they're willing to build a stadium for free, and all they want is partial ownership of the team. The Spanos family said they won't relinquish ownership for the sake of a stadium and then it came out that the L.A. plan wasn't much more than a clusterfuck pipedream.
  • The City of Industry wants a team, but they're the City of Industry.

That sound about right to everyone? I'm sure I missed some details, but we'll get Jeff (our resident "stadium situation" expert) to write something correcting me in the next few days.

Jeff doesn't write without actual news happening though, and something may have almost kind of happened.

Derrett noted the NFL is resurrecting a fund that could help pay for the new stadium. He said the league contributed $200 million for the new San Francisco 49ers stadium being built in Santa Clara and said owner Dean Spanos could contribute $100 million. Derrett said that leaves a gap for what could be a $1 billion project.

"I think that's the discussion and debate that has gone on, and there should be more of it," Derrett said. "Where will that money come from? I mean, we've all seen what has gone on with the discussion and debate around the Convention Center project and I think many other cities in North America have found ways to work with the tourism authorities on some kind of a tax (on hotels or car rentals). We're not there yet, I think we've got to see how things unfold these next six months."

Chargers an economic engine, exec says - UT San Diego (Paywall)

So, someone got $200 million. That means the Chargers could maybe get that much too! And Dean says he'll kick in $100 million. Now, just find the other $700 million in the couch cushions and then hand ownership over to the team once it's done and it's a wrap.

Our Mayor (for the time being) seems totally against tourism taxes, and I think tying this into the Convention Center is only making it worse more confusing.

The good news is that nobody really wants to loan the Chargers $700 million to build a stadium (that, if other recent stadiums are any indication, could end up costing a lot more than that when finished), not even the rich people in Los Angeles. They're stuck here, or playing in the L.A. Coliseum (which is much worse than here), until something gives....and that doesn't seem likely any time soon.

San Diego Super Chargers.

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