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Update: Chargers RB Ryan Mathews NOT arrested after bar fight

San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was arrested after a bar fight on Sunday night. It is another mark against Mathews, who has failed to live up to his first-round selection on or off the field.



Sgt. Robin Rose directly refuted it, saying Mathews was not arrested.

"We can say that he was definitely not arrested by SDPD," Rose said, "but there might have been a separate arrest that lead to that (report). ... It was not Ryan Mathews."

Finally, some offseason news! Unfortunately, not the kind you were looking for.

Yup. It looks like the Examiner was the first one to report the story, and their post is chock full of details about what happened.

San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was arrested Jun. 30 at 8:45pm outside an up-scale San Diego nightclub, SideBar.

One witness, David Nieto aka Dj Wired, reported seeing a group of five Hispanic males inside the club proceed to speak to Mathews and another black male. All men including Mathews were described as intoxicated. The altercation took place outside the club gate where everyone smokes. Witnesses say words over a female were exchanged and Mathews reportedly knocked one male out cold and the individual was taken to UCSD medical hospital.

That's be more impressive if the guy Ryan knocked out wasn't described as "intoxicated", I guess.

Anyway, the other shoe has finally dropped for Mathews. He's been a disappointment on the field, but fans could still hold onto Ryan being a World-of-Warcraft-playing nerd that stays home and out of trouble.... until now. Is there anything redeeming about the first-round draft pick anymore?

He can't hold onto the ball, he can't block, he can't stay healthy and now he can't stay out of trouble. Don't be surprised if Mike McCoy and Tom Telesco use Mathews as an example that the San Diego Chargers are now a "no nonsense" organization. I'm not saying that they'll release him for this event, but a suspension is definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

As for the type of bar/club SideBar is, I'll leave that to Darren Smith: