For those about to Fantasize...

With a mere 3 months to go before season kickoff, it's never too early to start thinking about your Fantasy Football fix.

To avoid the inevitable rush, I've created a league with a difference for those looking for a big fantasy experience to test their skill against fellow BFTBers.

Yes, a Mega League of super sized teams you can stuff with those sleepers you usually leave on your bench when they go off..

Roster is 2 QB - 5 WR - 3 RB - 2 TE - 1 Flex - 2 Kicker - 2 Defence and bench.

This is a PPR league with bonuses for Passing and Reception/Rushing Yardage, with some other tweaks to the standard scoring you can check out if you join.

If you're interested, shoot me an email at, letting me know who you are, and in 25 words or less explaining why you want to be a Chargers girl. Or leave a comment below if you want a place saved.

Don't take a spot if you're likely to drop out halfway through the season, because I will find you and set my trained crocodile on you.

The draft date is Sunday 25 August at 12 noon PDT, so make sure you can attend and allow plenty of time, as there will be roughly 5000 selections. It's the middle of the night for me, so if I can be there, you can too.

I've saved places for those guys who have expressed interest already - ACU, Maccy, KOS, but the rest are open to those who are first in.

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