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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: June 5, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Stephen Dunn

Glove the answer for Philip Rivers? - Bill Williamson
Late last season, it was all about Peyton Manning wearing a glove in the Denver cold. Now, the attention is turning to San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers wore a glove on his throwing hand late last season and he experienced success and he stopped turning the ball over. Now, Rivers says he may wear a glove early in the season.

Alex Gibbs Denver Broncos (Terrell Davis) Outside Zone Cut-Ups and Explanation - Chris Brown
As always, very good (somewhat old) stuff from Alex Gibbs on the outside zone running play. Note that Gibbs recently rejoined the Broncos as a consultant.

The BFTB Map Project: Where Do Our Readers Call Home? - John Crean
We know we have readers and members from all over the world, now's your chance to leave your mark.

2013 AFC offseason grades - Matt Williamson (Insider)
Defensively, the cornerback position has pretty much been totally revamped, but it is hard to say that is has been upgraded. Manti Te'o should contribute immediately and should also spend a great deal of time around the football, but he might be just a two-down linebacker. The Chargers lost Phillips, Franklin, Garay, Barnes and Martin from their defensive front -- and now Melvin Ingram, which was unforeseen -- but they hadn't added anyone of note to help their situation in the trenches on defense before very recently inking Freeney.