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San Diego Chargers OTAs: Dwight Freeney missing, Max Starks idle

The San Diego Chargers are back at Chargers Park in practice mode, but their two recent free agent acquisitions aren't playing a big role. What's the deal?

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

A few tweets from the ongoing OTAs down at Chargers Park this morning:

First of all, Ben Higgins took the 1360 out of his name and I couldn't be happier about it.

Second, the Starks thing makes some sense. Let him get caught up with the scheme before you toss him in with the first unit. At least, I hope that's what is happening. If Starks never gets a chance to start, it would put King Dunlap under quite the microscope.

Third, where the heck is Freeney? Did he have offseason surgery? Wasn't he signed two weeks ago? Is that not enough time to pack a bag and get back to San Diego? Is this some sort of unwritten part of his contract, that he won't have to participate in all of the practices? I am baffled that Dwight isn't there, working with the first unit, and even more perplexed that the Chargers didn't give any sort of reason for his absence.

Anyway, let's panic because it's the offseason and we need to keep our panic muscles in shape.

UPDATE: I'm an idiot.