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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: June 25, 2013

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Jeff Gross

John Pagano on Manti Te'o, Cam Thomas & Training Camp - MartyTimeTV (YouTube)
Chargers DC John Pagano on impressions from mini camp, expectations for Manti Te'o & Cam Thomas & preparing for training camp

Danny Woodhead Primed for A Big Year in San Diego? - J.P. Scott
Woodhead gives the Chargers back that "scatback" element that Sproles brought. He has the ability to turn a 3rd-and-short draw played into a 20 yard gain in the blink of an eye and is also an effective pass catcher out of the backfield.

Chargers Tweak Jerseys for First Time Since 2007 - Ricky Henne
When the San Diego Chargers take the field in 2013, they’ll be wearing slightly altered uniforms than what they’ve been wearing for the last six seasons. There are three tweaks to the uniform, and while they are minor changes, the Chargers believe they will greatly improve the aesthetics of the jerseys.

A Coaching Outlook: San Diego Chargers - Duffman5755
Note: This is going to be a bit longer because of so many different coaching changes that we’ve had this year, a lot of guessing/speculation and seeing how players fit into previous offenses of this year. Mostly on the Offensive section.

Ranking the linebackers in the AFC West - Bill Williamson
5. Donald Butler, San Diego: He is flashing big-time skills. The Chargers need to re-sign him.