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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: May 9, 2013

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Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Magic Mike McCoy Found His Left Tackle… - Brady Phelps
I got jokes for days and days and shutup.

Rookie Mini Camp Cheat Sheet - Ricky Henne
There are 33 players currently scheduled to report to Chargers Park on Thursday for the beginning of the team’s rookie mini camp. The first year players will get their initial taste of life in the NFL and get acclimated to Head Coach Mike McCoy’s system. We will have extensive coverage of the mini camp, so here is a cheat sheet of the full 2013 rookie roster in order to familiarize yourself with those in attendance.

Mandatory Monday: Draft Farewell - Mike Tanier
That strange feeling Jets fans experienced for about 48 hours last week was optimism about their team's quarterback situation. From the moment that the Jets released Tim Tebow until the moment Geno Smith fired his agent, the Jets truly looked as if they were going to leave unnecessary controversies in the past. It was disorienting, but now it is over.

Facing Eight in the Box - Khaled Elsayed
On Tuesday, the PFF twitter feed was inundated with messages telling us that the ChiefsJamaal Charles (who had himself a very good year) constantly faced eight men in the box. Now I’ll be honest in that I watched a fair few Chiefs games and did differing types of analysis on them, but it didn’t strike me as right that Charles faced any more than the league average.

2013 NFL Draft Fallout: San Diego Chargers - Gregg Rosenthal
Even with Fluker, San Diego's offensive line could be among the worst in the league. Telesco should be given time to turn this team around because there's just not a lot of top-tier talent.