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Keeping Tabs on the AFC West

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News and notes from around the division

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Welcome to the first edition of Keeping Tabs, where Bolts From the Blue aggregates news from the rest of the division into one convenient (hopefully weekly) post. Many bored hard-working BFTB members have worked collaboratively to bring you this by combing over many articles at the other AFC West SB Nation-affiliated blogs; thanks are in order to Robert Falkenberg, Kyle Posey, and Jason Peters for contributing to this week's edition. Several other BFTB members will be contributing throughout the season as we try to illuminate more of the AFC West's happenings. As this is the first edition, any suggestions you have, as a reader, for future editions are appreciated.

Denver Broncos

The Pick Six
  1. The Broncos have hired Tom Heckert as director of pro personnel.
  2. Based on Elway's comments, it appears that the starting RB position is 2nd round pick Montee Ball's to lose.
  3. The Broncos appear to be sticking with Rahim Moore at safety, to the chagrin of the Mile High Report community.
  4. Broncos fans are generally positive above their 2013 draft.
  5. Currently, a lively discussion about the future of their quarterback position is going on. Not a lot of Osweiler believers.
  6. Von Miller is totally into chickens.
Under Review

Despite his huge gaffe in the playoffs, the Denver Broncos appear content to stand pat with Rahim Moore as the starting safety. When asked who the starting safeties next season will be, John Elway said "[Mike] Adams and Moore are the projected starters, [and] Quinton Carter is coming back off an injury. I think that Mike made some tremendous strides last season and Rahim showed great improvement over the course of last year." The fans at Mile High Report are actively hoping for an upgrade.

Muffed Punt

Broncos right tackle Orlando Franklin took a pie to his face (literally!) thanks to a prank by Peyton Manning and Eric Decker. You can watch the footage here.

That's what she said:

"Got my first chickens. 38 chickens, I named 'em all after the players on the team."

- Von Miller joking about the chicken farm he has started.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Pick Six
  1. The question "will Branden Albert be a Chief in 2013" is the biggest topic in Kansas City. Andy Reid says Branden Albert will be the left tackle if he is on the roster.
  2. If the Chiefs go 8-8 or better in 2013, the conditional 3rd round pick they owe the 49ers for Alex Smith turns into a 2nd rounder.
  3. Regardless of if the Chiefs hang on to Branden Albert, the consensus is that the Chiefs are moving to a power blocking scheme.
  4. Fans are still upset the team spent their first 3rd round pick on Knile Davis (given his injury and fumble concerns) and question their other third round selection as well (which was tight end Travis Kelce).
  5. The Javier Arenas trade to Arizona got approval ratings of under 50% on a fan poll.
  6. Undrafted signee Tyler Bray appears to be the favorite (over Ricky Stanzi) for clipboard duties.
Under Review

At Arrowhead Pride, they are fairly well-convinced that Reid is scrapping Crennel’s zone blocking scheme for a power blocking scheme to go along with the West Coast passing game that Reid runs. There is also the belief that the prevent / zone type defenses that KC ran under Crennel are going to be dumped for more of a zone blitz style defense, with the secondary playing "route matching" man coverage (a hybrid between pure zone and pure man coverage).

Muffed Punt

Javier Arenas, traded for a reserve fullback this week, was actually the player the Chiefs selected with the pick they received in the Tony Gonzalez deal. If the Chargers essentially end up with a reserve fullback for Antonio Gates, the commentary around here would be nauseating, I'm sure.

That's what she said:

"Obviously, I like both too much".

- Andy Reid on which of steak and Kansas City BBQ he likes better

Oakland Raiders

The Pick Six
  1. The Raiders head into the 2013 season with one-hit wonder Matt Flynn slotted as their starting quarterback.
  2. There has been a lot of discussion at Silver and Black Pride regarding the selection of Sio Moore. While many believe it was a reach, Mel Kiper said otherwise.
  3. The Raiders have gotten themselves a long snapper insurance policy by extending their reserve long snapper.
  4. Recently, Rotoworld rated the Oakland Raiders roster as the worst roster in the NFL. This spawned considerable discussion at Silver and Black Pride
  5. Remember Randy Hanson? Well, he was convicted of felony battery.
  6. The Raiders have the longest odds to win the Super Bowl of any team in the NFL.
Under Review

Over at Silver and Black Pride they seem realistic about this upcoming season. One commenter even said he doubts they’re a 2 win team this year. New GM Reggie McKenzie is building the defense from the ground up and with at least 8 new starters on defense, they could give Tampa Bay a run for their money by giving up the most passing yards in NFL history. The lack of (proven) talent will make it hard for the Raiders to not be picking in the top 5 again in next years draft.

Muffed Punt

In perhaps the most "Raiders" thing I can imagine, draft pick Tyler Wilson learned of his selection while shopping at a Wal-Mart.

That's what she said:

"I could not address everything I needed."

- GM McKenzie when asked about filling holes through the draft.