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San Diego Chargers: Is Mike Hermann the Next Tim Tebow?

Jerome likes what Mike Hermann brings to the table as a running QB and wants to see him mixed in as part of the 2013 San Diego Chargers offense. Is he crazy or might Charlie Whitehurst's job be in jeopardy?

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

The San Diego Chargers signed UDFA QB Mike Hermann out of RPI last week and, for the most part, it is not news you need to know. After studying the kid though, I actually like what he can bring to the table. I am intrigued by his running ability and how it would translate to the Chargers' ability to extend drives when put in short yardage situations.

Mike Hermann stands 6'6" and weighs about 250 lb. He's not fast but he's an athlete at the Quarterback position and would be a load to bring down once he got a full head of steam. He played at the DIII level and was a man amongst boys. The Statue of Liberty video below shows how much bigger he was than everybody, take a look.

That was just wrong for him to do that to them, but all you can do is play who is in front of you and that's exactly what he did. Mike earned the 2012 Liberty League Offensive Player of the Year honors after dominating in every possible offensive category (Total Offense, Total Touchdowns, Passing Yards...).

As we all know and saw when Tim Tebow was a Denver Bronco, Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy has a 'Single Wing' wrinkle in his offensive playbook that could benefit a player like Mike Hermann - and two of the newly signed Tight Ends - if he were to make the roster.

Although they publicly said otherwise, the Broncos' (and Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy) brought Tim Tebow in for immediate short yardage help. Don't bother getting the link, his stats from that year more than proves my point. - 1 Passing Attempt in first 6 games played - 12 rushing attempts, 28 yards, 3 TDs (Long of 6 yards) during that stretch.

Goalline running, '2nd and 3' attempts or when you want to give the defense something else to worry about; These are the situations where I see Hermann having the most influence on the Chargers' offense. Similar, although not identical, to the impact that Tim Tebow had in Denver before becoming the starter.

Don't worry I am not taking reps away from Philip Rivers. This idea is simply a two-times-per-game thing, max. It is really no different than in previous years. These same attempts were previously spent handing the ball to the Fullback out of the Broken I formation under Norv Turner. Unlike those attempts, giving the ball to Mike Hermann out of the 'Single Wing', could actually work. Looking forward to hearing what this kid has in camp.

Are you as excited as I am about Hermann's possible involvement in the offense or am I just crazy? Maybe it's simply that I don't really like Charlie Whitehurst. Help me out and let me know what you think.