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Chargers finally replace Jimmy Raye with Jets' JoJo Wooden

JoJo Wooden, Kevin Kelly are joining the Chargers' front office by way of the New York Jets.


The Assistant Director of Player Development for the New York Jets over the last 15 years JoJo Wooden is coming to San Diego. He will replace Jimmy Raye III who left for the Indianapolis Colts after losing out to Tom Telesco for the San Diego Chargers General Manager position.

Wooden was contracted through the 2013-14 season with the Jets, but this move is a promotion. The timing of the move is consistent with past years as front offices often undergo change following the NFL Draft.

According to Gang Green Nation, Wooden "had a large role in scouting opposing teams and players for upcoming games and unrestricted free agency" as well as a hand in scouting for the NFL Draft.

This looks like a quality addition to the Chargers front office as the Jets have been quite good at identifying talent over the last decade and many of their current problems stem from poor handling of the salary cap rather than mistaking bad players for good ones. Tom Telesco continues to make moves that should build confidence in the fan base.

Also coming to the Chargers from the Jets is area scout Kevin Kelly. According to the NY Daily News, Kelly was responsible for the Mid-West region of the country.