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BFTB After Dark: May 31, 2013

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Some interesting San Diego Chargers videos from YouTube, as well as an open thread to talk about whatever you want.

Jamie McDonald

Not much going on in Chargers land today, and probably not this weekend, and I'd rather not try to explain the new CBA to Dwight let's pretend this is LobShots and find something fun to talk about.

Vincent Brown Jr. on the Drums (via NFLPLAYERS)

BOOM. Vincent Brown, expert drummer. Now I feel even worse about last year's injuries because he probably couldn't jam on the drums for months.

How about something for those that are anxiously awaiting the next "San Diego Chargers history" post from SDNativeinTX?

1963 afl championship (via sdchargersboltz)

Yeah, that's right. Highlights from the one, and only, championship for the Chargers. I think the most shocking thing to me is how athletic the referees look in this video. They're moving as quickly as the players are!

I hope everyone enjoyed the short week, as well as the battles between gtr_donald and myself. We should have plenty of good stuff going up this weekend, so stay tuned.

As always, use the comments as your open thread to talk about whatever you want.