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Twitter Mailbag: The offseason is so boring

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John Gennaro answers questions about the San Diego Chargers and life that were tweeted at him over the course of a boring offseason day.

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Earlier today, I invited fans of the San Diego Chargers to tweet their questions at me. Here are those questions, along with my answers.

Sort of.

First, don't be ridiculous. Quentin Jammer could've signed with anyone and it wouldn't have changed anything. Quentin Jammer was an employee of the San Diego Chargers, and is not required to align his future employment along the standards of the team's most die-hard fans. He is now employed by the Denver Broncos. Congratulate the man on finding a job in this down economy and move along.

Second, it might be debatable if Jammer should be in the Chargers ring of honor. I believe he should be, but he was never really the best player on any of the Chargers teams he played on.

I have gotten some people that would know to say that they are making the change, turning the collar blue and making the letters on the back yellow, but the team hasn't announced anything officially and Nike won't comment on it. I'd say it's a good bet they're wearing them this year.

No idea. Eddie Royal or Le'Ron McClain? I don't know if either of those would be very surprising. I guess Jeromey Clary could always be cut, as well.

Making someone skinnier doesn't necessarily make them quicker and, in D.J. Fluker's case, it would take away his best strength (run blocking). If all it took to block pass rushers was losing weight, everyone would be doing it. Except for me, because I love beer and cookies (although not usually together).


Shareece Wright.


*takes off glasses and rubs eyes for a while before putting glasses back on*

I doubt that the San Diego Chargers will wear their powder blue alternate uniforms more often. If they do, it will be as a result of the Owner or the Head Coach and, most likely, not the General Manager.

Here are the Cornerbacks on the Chargers roster currently:

  • Derek Cox
  • Shareece Wright
  • Steve Williams
  • Johnny Patrick
  • Greg Brown
  • Marcus Cromartie
  • Greg Gatson
  • Josh Johnson
  • Kenny Okoro
  • Marcus Gilchrist
  • Cornelius Brown

I don't think the Chargers will pursue another CB after June 1st, but I guess it depends on how bad Wright is in training camp and who gets cut by other teams.

I think, because the Chargers had a few days of OTAs a couple weeks ago, that the team has begun training camp and is practicing every day between now the the start of the season. This is, in fact, not the case.

Gilchrist looked fine in OTAs, without pads on and going half-speed (or slower). Playing Safety isn't all that different from playing CB, there's just a lot more zone going on. I don't think we can tell anything until training camp/preseason in July/August.

Before the season? Without Manti Te'o getting injured? No. The team is going to give Te'o every chance to succeed, which means he'll have to be terrible to lose his spot before the season begins.

I also have my doubts about if D.J. Smith is healthy enough to win a spot on the 2013 roster, but that's neither here nor there.