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BFTB After Dark: May 3, 2013

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A random post about random things at the end of the week. Use this as your Friday night (or all-weekend) open thread to talk about whatever you want.

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Have you checked out The Sports Report that I've been doing for Voice of San Diego? Here's this week's, where I generously provide you with links to interesting articles about the Chargers, Padres, Jason Collins, Google Glass, physics in soccer, and....well, I guess that's it.

Anyway, The Sports Report gets sent out every week (subscribe today!) and always includes links to some of the best pieces that were on BFTB the week before.

Today's Posts:

  • Links: Seau was all-time great on & off the field - A friend of mine was a really close friend of Junior's. He told me a story today about being with him after he retired, when Belichick called and offered him $1.5 million to come play for the Patriots again. Junior said "But it's cold and I can't surf there." After a brief pause, Belichick said "Fine, $2.5 then." and hung up the phone. I love Belichick stories almost as much as I love Seau stories.
  • Remaining Options at Left Tackle - All about the King Dunlap train! Everyone who was sold on Bryant McKinnie 2 days ago is now relieved he wasn't signed and convinced that Dunlap is going to be a star at LT in 2013. Screw it, I'm in. Where can I buy my Dunlap jersey?
  • (Fake) Text Messages from Ryan Mathews - Ugh. Like the first commenter, I too had forgotten about "Towelgate". I think my brain had erased that memory until Jason brought it back. What a stupid, horrible few days that was.
  • Over-or-Undervalued? OL, CB and LB Candidates - I had no idea so many people would be mad at me posting this a week late. I guess next time I have to wait for legal to approve a post, I'll just light the thing on fire instead and call it a day.

Murder By Death - "No Oath, No Spell" (Violitionist Sessions) (via gutterth)