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Are the San Diego Chargers worried about D.J. Fluker?

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Kevin Acee stirs up some concern amongst San Diego Chargers fans because....well, because he can.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Acee co-hosted "The World of Sports According to Chris and Ben" this morning with Ben Higgins. I listened to about 10 minutes of it, and Kevin sounded sleepy but was making solid points.

The thing I like about Kevin is that he never goes quiet. He's always talking, even if he's not saying much. That's a good quality for radio, I think.

That's not the point. The point is that Kevin said that, after OTAs, many are concerned about D.J. Fluker as a Tackle and think the team might need to play him at Guard. That is terrifying. Did the San Diego Chargers use the 11th overall pick to select a Guard when their #1 priority was fixing the passing game?

Anyway, this is nothing new. I bitched for days after the Fluker pick about how they basically just replaced Jeromey Clary with Jeromey Clary and expected the offensive line to get better. They're stuck with him now. Moving him to Guard and having Max Starks/King Dunlap as the team's Tackles is not a move for the future, it's a move for the present that arguably hurts the future of the offensive line.

Kudos to Kevin Acee for creating something for us to talk about in the middle of the offseason doldrums, though.