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Digital Dolt, Issue, 6?

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The Dolt took a hiatus, but we are back. Deadlines and stuff, you know how it is.

What's that on ur hat bro?
What's that on ur hat bro?

The Digital Dolt, as always, is stupid. And Bananarama had the best name of any band, ever. I don't care what you say , SPiN, the fact that you have L7 and Tony! Toni! Toné! on this list proves you are a bunch of howlie kooks. Although I give you some credit for the position of Motörhead and inclusion of Bathtub Shitter. Someone over there is cool and taking the paycheck. The rest of you are douche-nozzles.

I once sang karaoke in Lincoln, Nebraska backed by a band called "ShitHook". That was a great band name.

Where were we?

CGOTW: Stunning.


I couldn't figure out who she is, so let's call her "Stunning." The Charger Girls are in the process of updating their website with the new squad and it has put a serious damper on my cheerleader internet stalking behavior. Stunning is a Charger girl, I hope she made the squad this year, because she is Stunning.

BTW, has anyone ever visited the Charger Girls Facebook page? Some of the things that people are willing to publicly say in the comments are troubling. I already feel skeevy trying to find out about these girls and then posting it. The Facebook commentariat only makes me feel more dirty.

You know what else makes me feel dirty, the fact that I know about this, and enjoy it enough to know about it's chubby prudish little sister.

Where were we?

The Keenan Allen.

Keenan Allen

Ndamakong Suh got to ride on a Zamboni.


A little baseball with Manny being Manny.

Don't go down there, or you'll get knocked the fuck out.

Buyer Beware: When you need refreshment at the game, get your lazy ass up and go to the refreshment stand.

Chuck Norris supports Tim Tebow to Jacksonville. This is like that Miller Lite ad campaign where you are hanging out with your crew, but what if one of your crew was just you and Tim Tebow and Chuck Norris?

Maître D': Sorry, we don't have any tables and you don't have reservations.

Chuck Norris delivers a sweet roundhouse kick to his nads. Tebow Tebows.