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How would you grade Tom Telesco?

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Some big names have finally been signed by the San Diego Chargers. Does that change the way you feel about Tom Telesco's first offseason as General Manager?


A lot has changed in the two weeks since we last voted on Tom Telesco's approval rating from the fans. Here's a quick rundown.

Oh, and Kevin Haslam and some long-snapper were released to make room on the roster as well. Haslam was quickly signed by the New England Patriots, who signed Tyronne Green a few weeks ago.

Does adding Freeney and Starks greatly improve your opinion of Tom Telesco's first offseason as the General Manager of the San Diego Chargers? Should he have already had a backup plan in case Ingram, his one and only pass-rusher, got injured the way that he did?

Do you like the fact that Tom has pushed the Chargers to the limit of the salary cap in an attempt to compete in 2013? Or should he be focusing his efforts on 2014? Vote below.