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BFTB accidentally ruins "The Sports Page with Acee and Annie"

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I went on television, wore a Raiders hat and said bad things about a Chargers rookie. Sorry, everybody.


I don't know why I'm posting this. I guess I'm a masochist.

Anyway, here are some more videos of me on UT-TV's "The Sports Page with Acee and Annie".

Click on the link above if you wish. There's more debate about Chargers vs. Padres and I'm wearing a Raiders hat. heard that right. At one point I get excited at the notion of baseball players fighting with bats, but then it's quickly blamed on the Raiders hat....just like I planned it.

Here's where I get in a lot of trouble. You'll know the part that I'm worried about.

Just another reminder that you get a full hour of me tonight on Gennaro-ly Speaking before my third consecutive night on "The Sports Page", which I will never again be invited to appear on.