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BFTB After Dark: May 21, 2013

Your nightly recap of the day that was in the world of San Diego Chargers news and opinion, along with some scheduling for tonight and tomorrow.

Jonathan Ferrey

Lots of stuff coming up for you guys.

I'll be on UT-TV from 8-9pm again tonight, but this time I'll be wearing a Raiders hat and at one point I say something about a certain rookie that might get me banned from Chargers Park (if I wasn't already). That's probably worth tuning in for (link to watch online).

I'll be doing "Gennaro-ly Speaking" tomorrow night at 7pm, after a week hiatus that was desperately needed. We will have tons of stuff to discuss, I'll be drinking beer and I'll lead you guys right into my third-and-final appearance on UT-TV tomorrow night at 8pm.

Today's Posts:

General Patton vs X-ecutioners - Get up punk (via Ricardo Palma)

As always, the comments below are yours to do with what your please.