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Have the San Diego Chargers signed Max Starks?

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An updated twitter avatar by Max Starks seems to point to him signing with the San Diego Chargers as an unrestricted free agent. Is he the immediate starter at Left Tackle for the Bolts?

See that picture? That's the twitter profile/avatar of Max Starks, the former Pittsburgh Steelers Left Tackle that was being courted by the San Diego Chargers recently.

I highly doubt that Starks would've changed his avatar to a Chargers logo unless he had agreed to join the team, and that would certainly explain why the team released Offensive Tackle Kevin Haslam earlier today.

I'm going to assume Starks is signed. Is he now the starter? Does he take over for King Dunlap immediately, or is it an open competition between the two? Also, how many years and what kind of money did Starks get?

One thing is for sure: Tom Telesco was not comfortable with King Dunlap being the only viable candidate to start at Left Tackle, and he was finally able to get someone to compete with him for the job.

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